spatial light modulator

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spatial light modulator

(1) A matrix of movable mirrors used to reflect a digital image to the viewer. See DLP and LCoS.

(2) A matrix of shutters that represents a page of binary data. It is used to modulate a laser beam for holographic storage. See holographic storage.

The Spatial Light Modulator
The checkerboard-like device modulates the laser beam to create the holographic page when combined with the reference laser.
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These bands may have been caused by nonuniformity in the response of the spatial light modulator.
Spatial light modulators, optical crossbar switches, and optical gates and gate arrays are evaluated using wavemeters, laser diode sources, semiconductor parameter analyzers and high speed digital oscilloscopes.
Image formation through a spatial light modulator and retrieval through a charge-coupled-device (CCD), both integrated into the optical head.
Limited tenders are invited for spatial light modulator
The calculated diffraction pattern for each hogel is displayed on an LED screen operating as the spatial light modulator (SLM), which the laser object beam passes through before being focused on to the photoresist plate, with the reference beam also focused on the same spot.
This Laser will be used in conjunction with a spatial light modulator to manipulate matter in a home-built miccroscope-based system.
The principles behind RealView's system are well known in the holography community, but the company appears to have succeeded in building a prototype system which is close to commercialisation, which takes as digital image data (such as from medical imaging equipment), converts it through proprietary algorithms in to calculated interference patterns, then projects these using a spatial light modulator (SLM) to a focal spot in mid-air, where the full colour animated 3D image can be viewed over a wide angle by several people, with real-time interaction in terms of moving the image to see different sides and even slicing it to get internal views.
The data are digitally processed and displayed on a small high resolution spatial light modulator (SLM).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Spatial Light Modulator

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