special provisions

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special conditions

A section of the conditions of the contract, other than general conditions and supplementary conditions, which may be prepared for a particular project. Also see conditions of the contract.
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Antonio Tinio and France Castro said the National Expenditure Program (NEP) for 2018 does not include a special provision on the Higher Education Support Fund for state universities and colleges (SUCs) under the budgetary item of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).
Changes to the CFPB rule reflect Congress' recent changes, which expanded eligibility for the special provisions, allowing qualified balloon mortgages and high-cost balloon mortgages for the escrow exemption.
Opposition congressmen yesterday questioned a special provision in the proposed 2016 General Appropriations Act (national budget) that authorizes state universities and colleges (SUCs) to assign students to construction work.
Those special provisions may not be quite so necessary here.
The VAT Directive (2006/112/EC) contains special provisions (the so-called special margin scheme') for travel agents when they sell packages to travellers, which are exempt from registering in the various countries where the services are provided and thus avoiding having to deal with different VAT rules.
Coimbatore, Nov 30 (ANI): Over a thousand specially-abled people carried out a rally here to demand special provisions for them.
Among the special provisions incorporated to assist the home's elderly handicapped residents are an exterior concrete ramp with metal hand railings, exterior porch sitting area and new handicap-accessible main lobby entrance.
The Colorado General Assembly passed an amendment to the state's Exceptional Children's Education Act that requires gifted students be identified and served and to make appropriate special provisions for gifted children to the extent that funds are provided.
The first annex contains detailed tables and descriptions of general provisions; classification of dangerous goods; special provisions and exemptions; packing and tank provisions; consignment procedures; packaging requirements; and transport provisions concerning carriage, loading, unloading, and handling conditions.
Today Mr Goggins said: "The Government's view was the special provisions should be allowed to wither on the vine.
Moving special needs children from schools with special provisions, into mainstream schools is totally wrong.
The passive activity loss rules contain special provisions that apply when a member rents property to an LLC for use in a trade or business in which the member materially participates (the self-charged rent rules).

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