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vertical search engine

A Web-based search engine that indexes content specialized by location (local venues and activities), by topic, typically for consumers, or by industry, geared to businesses (B2B). Instead of returning thousands of links from a query, as is common on a general-purpose search engine such as Google and Yahoo, vertical search engines deliver more relevant results to the user.

Also called a "vearch" engine, a vertical search engine may charge more per ad than a general, or "horizontal," search engine. People want relevancy, and the more horizontal search they do, the more they tire of wading through pages of superfluous material. Although users can always narrow their search to hone in on their desired result, vertical search engines do the narrowing for them.

Beware of Too Much Specialization
A vertical search site may not always index the Web for content, but may produce links only to proprietary content. It may be relevant, but highly prejudiced. See organic search results.
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Innovadex will continue to operate in Overland Park, KS, maintaining its specialized search engine at www.
With the help of Prospect Genius' specialized search engine optimization program, residents in Havertown who search online for Trash-Way Hauling Company's dumpster rental services will be able to find the company more quickly and easily than ever before.
Selection: While this is not the high-tech aspect of building a specialized search engine, it is the most important.
SCIENTISTS LOOKING TO TRACK DOWN a particular table within a mass of journals and documents will soon have a specialized search engine to aid in the hunt.
Other topics include the use of commercial information technology in Department of Defense systems, a specialized search engine for COTS components on the web, requirements elicitation through model-driven evaluation of software components, and performance issues.
It is a specialized search engine and online destination for engineers and technical buyers who source passive components.
a specialized search engine and online community for engineers and technical buyers, has signed a marketing agreement with eBay.
a leading specialized search engine and product/service content source for the technical community.
A specialized search engine anchors all of the sites and is key because it recognizes the different jobs in the IT world.
Another specialized search engine service was recently launched by Stanford (Calif.
A specialized search engine allows employees to create a personal profile and shop for services that match their demographics and preferences.
Granted there is a thin line separating a specialized search engine from a large, searchable Website.

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