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1. denoting or relating to the education of physically or mentally handicapped children
2. Austral history slang a convict given special treatment on account of his education, social class, etc.
3. short for special constable
4. Austral, NZ, US and Canadian informal an item in a store that is advertised at a reduced price; a loss leader


(language, specification)
A specification language developed at SRI around 1976.

["SPECIAL - A Specification and Assertion Language", L. Robinson et al, TR CSL-46, SRI, Jan 1977].


A very abused English word in the information industry. Phrases such as "it is a special type of format" or "it uses a special code for that purpose" are found frequently in documentation. However, anything that is newly created to solve a problem is merely another solution. What makes something special is that it is way out of the ordinary, not just one more approach to the same problem. See specialty software.
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I've seen men beaten to blancmange because they didn't have that specialness behind the eyes.
Here again Carroll's "historicism" falls short: in attempting to define the specialness of her own contribution she consistently overlooks the valuable scholarly and interpretive context which surrounds Ariosto's work, and her own.
The romance is the specialness of the moment and the event and the gesture.
He then argues that a fall in the cost of information eroded this specialness in the twentieth century.
proposes the development of notions of modified or relative difference among the world religions while rejecting the attribution of absolute otherness or specialness to Christianity.
That those who as Aiantes or as Bishops enter Striking the floor with their cothurni and claiming the specialness of mystic joy Silver tassels mildness of verdancy's darkness breasts of superb skin I have lived in your own city myself
That specialness increases a hundredfold when those realities that relate us to God are involved.
This specialness inside his spirit is bonded to a knowing he cannot remember.
But with hope, all camps will someday offer to all minorities some of that same specialness.
Our customers come to us when they are facing an occasion that calls for specialness," said DeCan.
Delectable dishes with the familiar whiff of specialness are paraded to the table.
So we don''t need Bishop Nick, with a new book to promote, to spurn the specialness which gives hundreds of millions (and not just believers) so much comfort and joy - by banging on about "inaccuracies".

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