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1. denoting or relating to the education of physically or mentally handicapped children
2. Austral history slang a convict given special treatment on account of his education, social class, etc.
3. short for special constable
4. Austral, NZ, US and Canadian informal an item in a store that is advertised at a reduced price; a loss leader


(language, specification)
A specification language developed at SRI around 1976.

["SPECIAL - A Specification and Assertion Language", L. Robinson et al, TR CSL-46, SRI, Jan 1977].


A very abused English word in the information industry. Phrases such as "it is a special type of format" or "it uses a special code for that purpose" are found frequently in documentation. However, anything that is newly created to solve a problem is merely another solution. What makes something special is that it is way out of the ordinary, not just one more approach to the same problem. See specialty software.
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After a difficult year, this particular season of goodwill will carry an air of extra specialness about it for the family.
You're unique and you'll succeed when you let your specialness come out to play.
He has made no secret of his desire to return to the Premier League, or of his Specialness.
Not that we all don't want to feel special somehow, but, for teens, their specialness also encompasses what seems so obvious to them: only others their age can understand them.
We'd quite like our sport to be better funded and better respected, for AP McCoy to be Sports Personality of the Year and the Archbishop of Canterbury to own a leg in one with David Evans, but not if it means we suddenly have to become all mainstream and lose our specialness.
I presume it is a North American phenomenon in the Church to celebrate, nay, obsess over, our specialness.
I'll also make a few suggestions that you can take away to help you manage the transition from this innate sense of specialness to a more durable life philosophy for success.
But that's an uncomfortable assertion, because saying that the universe must have started in some special way implies a deep reason for that specialness that we haven't been able to figure out yet.
In his second contribution Van Gulick attempts to "expose the pretension of what he calls "the specialness of the physical" by showing that insofar as higher order, natural physical patterns exert causal efficacy by the selective activation of physical powers, a form of downward causation is at work even at the physical level.
Narcissistic patients might refuse to take the test because it is "below" them to fill out a scale that surely cannot capture their specialness.
Rugby should be played instinctively within a set of guidelines, but that's not what happened and we went a long way towards losing that Lions specialness.
The value of going back and forth in a spit-filled argument involving the greatness of Kobe Bryant versus the specialness of a Chris Paul is that it should eventually lead to this conclusion: Why doesn't the NBA just call KB24 the Most Outstanding Player, and hand CP(whatever number he wears) the Most Valuable Player trophy considering what he's done for his team?

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