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A tubular instrument for inserting into a passage or cavity of the body to facilitate visual inspection or medication.
An optical instrument reflector of polished metal or of glass with a film of metal.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A speculum is a table constructed in tandem with an astrological chart that records such information as the planets’ declination, right ascension, latitude, etc.

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the leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices, and Novation, a leading health care services company, today announced a new 3-year contract that will make OBP's ER-SPEC, an entirely single-use vaginal speculum with built-in light source, available to the health care providers that Novation serves.
The ER-SPEC is a completely self-contained and entirely disposable vaginal speculum, meaning the device comes out of the package ready to use and is thrown away after a single procedure.
We use an ear speculum to mimic the external auditory canal.
Then apply gentle traction and rotate the ring until it slips inside the "trough" of the speculum blades while deep in the vagina.
Premier Purchasing Partners, LP, today announced a new agreement for disposable vaginal speculums has been awarded to Welch Allyn Inc.
In testing existing products on the market, we were surprised to find many plastic speculums shattered under pressure and therefore represent a significant safety hazard to patients.
We are confident that the combination of DySIS Medical s design and the properties of our material has created one of the safest vaginal speculums available on the market.