speech act

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speech act


illocutionary act

any social act which is accomplished by virtue of an utterance (e.g. promising, cursing). Associated especially with the philosophers J. Austin and J. Searle, the analysis of such illocutionary acts (and perlocutionary acts - the effects of an illocutionary act), is a central part of the subject matter of ORDINARY LANGUAGE PHILOSOPHY.

The analytical study of speech acts has affinities with a number of approaches in sociology, including the FORMAL SOCIOLOGY of SIMMEL, the work of GOFFMAN, and CONVERSATION ANALYSIS. The latter in particular is directly influenced by ordinary language philosophy (see also DEGRADATION CEREMONY). A further example of an approach influenced by the concept of speech act is the ‘ethogenic’ social psychology of Rom Harré (Social Being, 1979), which advances the idea of a possible ‘grammar’ of social encounters, one however, that would be far more complex than implied in philosophical conceptions of speech acts.

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Searle (1979: 28-29) maintains that warning is a speech act which belongs to either directive or assertive syntax.
A speech act refers to a minimal unit of discourse easily transferable from language to language (Coulmas, 1981).
This is a speech act whose meaning calls forth a truth versus false distinction and provokes verification or falsification.
In linking with the dimensions required ekstralingual pragmatic study of the contextual standpoint, which will be supported with this technique through the study of science, namely the speech act theory and the theory Ma'ani.
Each stage has rules (protocols) governing the permissible or obligatory activation of a speech act put forward.
The present research investigates apology speech act in Sarawani Balochi dialect spoken in Sarawan city located in the province of Sistan and Balochestan in Iran.
Speech act theory has only had intermittent attention from public relations scholars over the last four decades (e.
As each speech act cluster has a corresponding category of rules, so too do they have correlating types of rule.
Saying and Doing: Speech Actions, Speech Acts and Related Events, ANGELA GRUNBERG
This research attempts to fill a gap in the literature through examining the speech act of warning by native speakers of American English and Jordanian EFL learners.
Austin developed the speech act theory from the basic notion that language is used to do things.
She covers a formal twist for the same old story, back to the (theoretical) drawing board, identifying and interacting with the addressee, the system behind the noise, the speech act connection: particles of direct address, the vocative and the clause, and ramification--the imperative.