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A bundle or packet of sperm produced by certain animals, such as annelids, arthropods, and some vertebrates.



in some animals, a capsule containing male sexual cells, or spermatozoa. Spermatophores serve to transport spermatozoa. They are characteristic of leeches, Pogo-nofora, cephalopods, some gastropods and amphibians, and many crustaceans, arachnids, myriopods, and insects.

A spermatophore’s structure and the way the spermatophore enters a female’s genital system vary. For example, in crustaceans, arachnids, and insects different extremities participate in the transport of spermatophores. In cephalopods the hectocoty-lus, one of the arms, usually transports spermatophores. The male grasps spermatophores with the hectocotylus and transfers them into the female’s mantle cavity. In some Octopoda a hectocotylus filled with spermatophores breaks away from the body of the male and floats to the female, inserting itself into the mantle cavity. Male tritons and salamanders attach spermatophores to objects; the spermatophores are then drawn in by the female’s cloaca.

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In summary, the presence of spermatophores in vas deferens and/or the external morphology of gonad reproductive system (enlarged, milky white, and occupied most of the body cavity) are commonly used as a yardstick to determine physiological maturity in males (Table 1).
The intentions of male 1 become clearer as the apex of its abdomen enters the frame of the video: its genitalia are raised and a spermatophore is ready to be transferred (Fig.
In contrast, Western cultures tend to remove the squid's internal organs so there's no risk of accidentally eating a rogue spermatophore.
It has been hypothesized that these secretions aid in sperm viability, capacitation, activation, or function as a constituent of the spermatophore (Siegel et al.
Females of Cnephasia jactatana Walker, 1863 (Tortricidae), which copulated with nonvirgin males, received spermatophores that were 45% smaller than the ones transferred in the first copulation.
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The post-copulatory association could also be a mechanism for the male to ensure (maybe through a form of mating courtship) that the female will not reject his spermatophore.
Then, "she walks away from this aggregate of males who are going crazy putting down their spermatophores.
Scorpion reproduction occurs when the male deposits a spermatophore (sperm packet) on the ground.
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Yes, Colbert, ranting oracle of the right that he is, can be offended by anything: "(I)n the Animal Kingdom, you can't turn over a rock without finding a half dozen earthworms doing the horizontal spermatophore, with nary a wedding ring in sight.
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