spinal tap

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spinal tap:

see spinal puncturespinal puncture,
surgical penetration of the spinal canal by a hollow needle introduced between two of the lumbar vertebrae. The arrangement permits injection of antibiotics or anesthetics (see anesthesia) as well as dyes to facilitate X-ray studies.
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The comedy movie featured the disaster-prone David St Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel, and Derek Smalls and their British heavy metal group Spinal Tap.
6] Posing as a documentary director, Rob Reiner conveniently introduces the concept of Spinal Tap within the first few minutes of the film; purposefully representative "documentary" clips directly follow this scene.
They sometimes kid each other by adopting Spinal Tap poses.
There is no substitute for clinical judgment in evaluating the need to perform a spinal tap in a child who presents with a febrile seizure.
The comparisons between Spinal Tap and Bruce McDonald's latest feature, Hard Core Logo are inevitable.
and Voyager's This Is Spinal Tap CD-ROM will be available for Windows in early spring.
A spinal tap was performed, and she was diagnosed with polio.
Rob Reiner's painfully funny hoax details a disastrous comeback tour by Brit idiots Spinal Tap.
Using the developed sensors, the researchers carried out a proof-of-concept clinical study on 34 MS patients and 17 healthy volunteers and found that the developed sensors are just as accurate as a spinal tap but without the pain or the risk of side effects.
REMEMBER that scene in the Spinal Tap movie where the ageing rockers take on a new jazz direction?
Later, reformed spoof rockers Spinal Tap were a masssive hit while leading the crowd in mass prayers for the latest in a line of ill-fated drummers.
SPINAL TAP Back From The Dead ( Label Industry) IT'S the 25th anniversary of rock's greatest spoof so Spinal Tap return with a new album, a Wembley reunion on June 30, a Glasto slot and a Rock Band game download.