spiral nebula

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spiral nebula:

see galaxygalaxy,
large aggregation of stars, gas, and dust, typically containing billions of stars. Recognition that galaxies are independent star systems outside the Milky Way came from a study of the Andromeda Galaxy (1926–29) by Edwin P.
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But the weather, the pigeons and possibly an opportunistic thief took their toll as the years rolled by and Spiral Nebula found its way on to the at-risk list of the Public Monument and Sculpture Association before an urgent restoration plan was set in motion by the university.
I'm 51 so I don't remember him making Spiral Nebula, but he also did quite a lot of work on the Civic Centre, and I remember running underneath the sculpture when he was up here doing that.
Jonathan, who drove to Newcastle from Bury St Edmunds yesterday to run his eye over the newly restored artwork, said he didn't set eyes on Spiral Nebula again until he read an edition of Viz comic in the 1980s.