spiral staircase

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spiral stair, caracole, circular stair, cockle stair, corkscrew stair, spiral staircase

spiral stair
A flight of stairs, circular in plan, whose treads wind around a central newel. Also called a helical stair, solid newel stair.
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A spokesman for The Lost & Found said: "Building on its former glory, housed in a Grade II listed building, the decadent drinking den is set to be beautifully transformed, featuring a new mezzanine bar reached only via a spiral staircase to apothecary heaven, and a striking, raised feature pergola.
LOT OF BOTTLE: The spiral staircase leads down to the well-stocked wine cellar
In addition to the spiral staircase, Summit did the structural engineering for a straight-line staircase that is also in the atrium and for glass partitions and metal hand railings throughout the atrium.
The house in Darras Hall boasts a stunning spiral staircase
Coven" doesn't share a spiral staircase or skylight, but there are still some interesting things to pull away from the season.
With three good bedrooms, one having a spiral staircase to a spacious loft room, the house offers very well balanced accommodation, including three separate living spaces on the ground floor.
Spiral staircase "This bespoke spiral staircase is really stunning.
House of Fraser has adorned its sweeping spiral staircase with a cascade of sparkly lights - with customers coming from all over to take in the breathtaking effect.
A spiral staircase leads from the second bedroom to the third, which in turn has a spiral staircase that leads to the roof terrace.
Despite receiving treatment from a paramedic, the spiral staircase in the turret meant he could not be taken back down so had to be airlifted by a helicopter from RAF Valley on Anglesey.
I've no idea who first came up with the idea of a spiral staircase.
A spiral staircase leads to the attic bedroom, which has built-in storage and en suite.