spiral staircase

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spiral stair, caracole, circular stair, cockle stair, corkscrew stair, spiral staircase

spiral stair
A flight of stairs, circular in plan, whose treads wind around a central newel. Also called a helical stair, solid newel stair.
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Upstairs the three bedrooms are all double sized, with the second having a wrought iron spiral staircase to the substantial loft room with Velux and conventional windows, heating, lighting and electric points.
Steel construction, escape balcony spiral staircase for the renovation, restoration and supplementary education institution the Foundation Action sunshine.
Lights |on the spiral staircase at House of Fraser |on the spiral staircase at House of Fraser
44, you can find Techne, the spiral staircase created in technopolymer, a material that has never been used in the staircase industry.
Despite receiving treatment from a paramedic, the spiral staircase in the turret meant he could not be taken back down so had to be airlifted by a helicopter from RAF Valley on Anglesey.
I've no idea who first came up with the idea of a spiral staircase.
The spiral staircase is a waste of valuable space, after all the building is a museum not a showcase for concrete staircases.
Designed by Turner Prize-winner Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond, it includes two observation floors, a spiral staircase, and a restaurant, and will stand 22m taller than the Statue of Liberty.
The centrepiece of this unusual two-storey house was a spiral staircase carved out of an 800-year-old oak tree trunk.
The abbey's most famous feature is the spiral staircase connecting its library to its chapel.
The Spiral Staircase can be read alone, however, as the preface gives sufficient background on her years in the convent.
From the outside terrace, where all the action takes place, actors can take a spiral staircase both up or down.