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There were apparently almost about 10 men all sitting together by the rocks below and around the spit we were walking on.
If a Toxotes archerfish can't jump high enough to snatch an insect off an overhanging leaf, the fish spits water upward that knocks the prey off its perch.
And Coun Kath Hartley, vice chairman of Centro, added: "Although spitting is rare we remain determined to tackle it and our message to would be offenders is simple - spit at drivers or passengers and you will be caught, DNA doesn't lie.
The first release under the new City Lights/ Sister Spit imprint, Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence From the Road ($16.
TB sufferers would cough blood or phlegm and spit to clear their throats.
Fou'ad Ghailan, a 24 year old qat dealer said that people spit qat on the streets for several reasons.
It began: "Do not stand on the stairs, or on the upper deck, or forward of this notice, or distract the driver, or eat, or drink, or play a musical instrument, or smoke on the lower deck, or recite Latin verse (I made that one up), or spit.
Each spit has an independent motor and its own switch to reduce risk of complete immobilization of the entire rotisserie should one spit malfunction.
9, 1900, it reported that: "FINES OF $3,200 ARE POSSIBLE" if people spit in a public building or on a public street.
This enables the detection and blocking of SPIT and prevents the user's phone from ringing unnecessarily.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Rates of spit tobacco use by high school males are nothing to smile about, reports Oral Health America's National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP).
That is to say, we will require law enforcement teams to step up the frequency of fines so fewer people spit in the street.