sprayed concrete


Concrete or mortar which is pumped through a hose and projected at high velocity onto a surface.
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the surfaces will be constructed using sprayed concrete to create a smooth riding experience.
The lisalmi, Finland-based company said this new offering improves the mechanization and automation aspect of the most demanding underground work phases and sets new standards for sprayed concrete, charging and lifting and installation jobs.
Also, the company said that it provided about 2,500 cu meters of sprayed concrete for the centrepiece of the resort, a hand-carved concrete volcano packed with water-slides.
He said he applied a layer of water proofing spray on the exterior and covered it with sprayed concrete that included a "water stop additive.
Sprayed concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water projected pneumatically from a nozzle into place to produce a dense homogeneous mass.
Moving water and sewer pipes, electrical and telephone networks easily panel and Installation frame doors and windows before sprayed concrete and steel coils generally the lowest cost implementation of building installations
Kirklees Council's Streetscene department is seeking planning permission to erect the sprayed concrete boulder in a play area at Crow Lane Rec.
Heriberto and his staff sprayed concrete on top of the foam, and once hardened and dried the exhibit design was ready to be displayed.
ClickPress, Mon Jul 08 2013] Shotcrete or sprayed concrete is a specialty concrete material applied by spraying through a sealed, pressure-resistant hose or pipe.
The construction method changes to sprayed concrete lining in the new stations, where the tunnels are significantly bigger.
Two Atlas Copco compressors positioned on the site's surface have had an important role to play below ground--providing compressed air for drilling and chipping tools but mainly being employed in the application of sprayed concrete tunnel linings.