spring floor

resilient floor

A wood floor, laid on battens, having the quality of springiness (e.g., a floor supported by spring clips); especially used as a dance floor, gymnasium floor, etc.
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TECC''s facility is a 12,000 square foot gym with a full-size competition spring floor, an instructional class spring floor, a multi-use foam mat floor, custom built trampoline decks, a 25-foot indoor rock climbing wall, a 1,500 square foot activity and video game loft, and a parent viewing lobby and kitchen area.
It's got a spring floor that is great for dancing and there are no others like it anywhere near here.
The point is, we've been robbed of a purpose-built gym with a spring floor and other equipment.
Following President's Day we will complete our spring floor set.
The stage will have a wooden spring floor and be adaptable for music, plays, movies, dances, recitals, meetings and classes.
The facility also has locker rooms, showers, and a weaponless defense room with a special spring floor.
It's got a hardwood spring floor, which you don't get many of these days.
More importantly, we have made a smooth transition into our spring floor set.
I am very pleased with the composition of the inventory, having come out of the holiday period with a very good start on the Spring floor set.
I am studying gymnastic spring floors and vault boards to understand the forces they put on gymnasts' bodies.