sprinkler valve

fire-protection sprinkler valve

A valve used as an automatic means of controlling the flow of water in a fire-protection sprinkler system.
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He hit the ground with the pipes just inches from his head and a sprinkler valve next to his feet.
A fire service spokeswoman said: "There was severe flooding from the 12th floor downwards, caused by a burst water main to a sprinkler valve.
00 for areas not met with water (on rose garden) + remove drip system from sprinkler valve 1 Weathermatic 1" valve--add for Arbutus 185.
A regular household thermostat (it has lasted four years in my humid greenhouse) controls a standard sprinkler valve, which fills a five-gallon bucket.
Pipe Sluice Valve Sprinkler Valve Sprinkler Nozzle Etc From Damodar River Bocm Quarry To Back Side Of Cgm Office Under Ashok Project.
He his the ground with the pipes just inches from his head and a sprinkler valve next to his feet.
It's fairly easy to connect drip tubing to a sprinkler valve.
The building in Edinburgh was deluged when a sprinkler valve burst on a top floor.
Give them a selected sprinkler valve or snake in a drip irrigation line with a timer and these areas will brighten up the garden for the few months while the natives are sleeping.
The lab will include a burn room for the testing and demonstration of various sprinkler heads, a working sprinkler valve assembly, a fire alarm control panel assembly, an instructional area and student workbenches with secure storage to train fire protection professionals in the various kinds of sprinkler and valve assemblies and their applications in real world settings.
When a sprinkler valve is shut off or closed, the slightest flow of water through the valve will puddle around sprinklers in the line.
The ants are also attracted to electrical currents and can be found in sprinkler valve boxes.