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Sport a number of players from which a team is to be selected



a military unit of from six to 12 persons.

Squads are found in the armed forces of most countries. They are a constituent part of a platoon, including motorized rifle (infantry), reconnaissance, combat engineer, and signal platoons. A squad is usually commanded by a sergeant. In battle the squad ordinarily operates as part of a platoon, but sometimes it may also carry out independent missions (for example, in reconnaissance and for security on the march and in bivouac).

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He said that before the formation of the squad, the building department had to adopt lengthy procedure to demolish the illegal construction which led to stay orders but now, we decided to establish the squad which will take action immediately without wasting time.
As in the past, the squad is expected to be comprised of young, attractive women, mostly in their teens or 20s, mainly from the country's major art schools, including the Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts, the sources said.
Junaid is also among the standby players for Pakistan's U19 squad.
It's tough to compare Newcastle's 2015/16 squad and this crop player for player but respected German website Transfermarkt offers some sort of context.
Moreover, he said, Squad pages helps people to promote their brand, product, company, organization, group or community, local business or place and helps them create fan pages.
According to reports, there is no shift system in the squad and traffic wardens worked from 8 am to 11 pm daily without a break.
Adamson Pep Squad had an impeccable dance routine that it complemented with differing lifts and tosses that blended perfectly with VST and Company's laid-back disco music.
Mujahid squad also arrested 60 street criminals involved in dacoity and robbery.
Before we could assess how an organization develops strong squad leaders, we first had to identify those traits most commonly associated with the ideal team leader and distinguish them from the capabilities that define an admirable squad leader.
Liverpool's squad is reported to have cost [euro]356m (PS311.
But there is no place in the squad for wicketkeeper batsman Jonny Bairstow.
Outlining his plans for his squad, Gatland said: "We will probably cut it to 36, maybe 37 or 38 initially after the first warm-up game because from then it's a real focus on the rugby.