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(operating system)


(Secure SHell) A security protocol for logging into a remote server. SSH provides an encrypted session for transferring files and executing server programs. Also serving as a secure client/server connection for applications such as database access and email, SSH supports a variety of authentication methods.

SSH was developed in the mid-1990s by Helsinki University researcher Tatu Ylönen as a secure alternative to non-secure telnet, rlogin and rsh programs for Unix servers. SSH-2, a more advanced version introduced in 1998, was standardized by the IETF and is not compatible with SSH-1.

Secure File Transfer: SFTP and SCP
SSH File Transfer Program (SFTP) was developed by the IETF for transferring files with SSH-2. Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is a version of the Unix remote copy (rcp) command that is widely supported on Unix systems running SSH-1.

All Platforms - Free and Paid
SSH is widely used on all platforms, and software is available as open source from the OpenSSH group ( and numerous commercial vendors, including SSH Communications Security Corporation (, the company founded by Ylönen. See FTPS.
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Also, Niklas Nordstrom has been appointed as the CFO of SSH Communications Security, effective 19 March 2018.
Eighty-five percent do not have a complete and accurate inventory of all SSH keys.
Commenting on the news, Omran Hayat, chairman of SSH, said: "On behalf of myself and the board of SSH, we would like to thank Bob for five years of outstanding service to SSH, and in leading the transformation of the group from being a highly respected local design consultancy into a leading multidisciplinary design consultancy group across the MENA [Middle East and North Africa] region.
Bob has developed a solid leadership team at SSH and as part of this team Matt has been developed as his successor.
SSH has expanded its global presence with offices in Tokyo and Singapore as a result of recognizing the importance of Asian markets in the global IT security market.
These growing concerns has led the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to formulate a 37-page "best practices" guidance for SSH key management.
Tatu Ylonen, CEO and founder of SSH Communications Security, said: Cyber-security solutions from trusted sources are in high need.
0 solution builds upon SDS's strong reputation for delivering world-class IBM mainframe monitoring and file transfer solutions," said George Adams, CEO, SSH Communications Security, Inc.
In the past, we have secured selected workstation connections with SSH Secure Shell, the predecessor of SSH Tectia," said Martti Jokipii, systems specialist at Tampere University of Technology.
SSH Accession can either be implemented as part of other solutions from SSH Communications Security or as a standalone solution for use with e-mail applications and Internet browsers.
StarNet now offers commercial and government organizations an affordable, high-performance and simple to use general purpose SSH tool suite fully backed with technical and engineering support," said Steven Schoch, co-founder and CEO of StarNet Communications.
SSH Communications Security Oyj (SSH) (HEL: SSH1V) announced on Monday changes to its executive management team.