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1. a measure of length equal to the average length of a stride, approximately 3 feet
2. any of the manners in which a horse or other quadruped walks or runs, the three principal paces being the walk, trot, and canter (or gallop)
3. a manner of moving, natural to the camel and sometimes developed in the horse, in which the two legs on the same side of the body are moved and put down at the same time
4. Architect a step or small raised platform

landing, pace, stair landing

The horizontal platform at the end of a stair flight or between two flights of stairs.


A seldom-used term for stair landing.


A CPU based on the Nova design, but with 16-bit addressing, more addressing modes and a 10 level stack (like the Intel 8008).
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Anyone doubting whether football managers over the age of 60 can stand the pace need only look at Sir Bobby Robson.
I only hope re-incarnation doesn't exist, cos my liver won't be able to stand the pace a second time around.
He is on the look-out for a second apprentice, so if you think you've got what it takes to impress the hardman of business with your skills, talents and flair, and you can stand the pace of one of the toughest and longest interviews in the business, then go to www.
And artist Tracey Emin couldn't stand the pace and ended up on her bottom while Ronnie Woods' daughter Leah just about managed to stick her tongue out at the camera.
It's billed as the new tough Polo - and that's exactly what it feels like: robust, sturdy and well able to stand the pace.
And Brian claims he is confident his virility will stand the pace of his young bride.
O'Neill knows he is being asked to take the same group of players who last season took Celtic to their first European final for 33 years and force them to stand the pace in this season's Champions League.
Rushdie means that, at 54, he just couldn't stand the pace.