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New features from the DVB-S2X standard extension, such as low roll-off and super frames, are also supported.
You can also get standard extension cords with a three-outlet receptacle on one end.
It connects to supply-power via hardwiring or a standard extension cord (Stand Alone model) and can be recharged by wiring or connecting it to any outlet, generator, or alternate power source.
Text-dependent SA is inherently two-factor (biometric and "shared secret") authentication and Nuance, among others, includes knowledge verification as a standard extension to its biometric SA.
The Gotcha Sprayer ($17) requires a standard extension handle found in the paint department at any home center or hardware store.
In addition, with standard extension hose and brush accessories, the Nederman units can also be used for workplace clean-up at any time.
The security practice within BTexact Technologies, the research and technology business of the BT Group, has been certified to the BS7799-2:1999 standard extension by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.
By installing a transfer switch at the electrical panel, a homeowner can safely run selected appliances such as a furnace or well pump--which cannot be run with standard extension cords--during a power outage.
The HAL uses one standard extension cord and 12 feet of internal cabling, while the Pacific Blue uses 5 miles of number 4 power cable, and 50 miles of cable internally.
Sun Microsystems Inc says it plans to build a Java platform standard extension for extensible markup language (XML) through the Java Community process.
All attempts to use top-hammer techniques with standard extension drill rods have failed as holes started to deviate after the first three or four meters.

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