standing stones

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standing stones:

see megalithic monumentsmegalithic monument
[Gr.,=large stone], in archaeology, a construction involving one or several roughly hewn stone slabs of great size; it is usually of prehistoric antiquity.
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The Standing Stones of Stenness have seen increasing pressure over recent years.
Al-Rajajil is a barren plain with groups of standing stones believed to be well over 5,000 years old.
The raised profile of Stonehenge at this time of year also draws attention to Britain's other megaliths (stone structures from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages) and prehistoric sites, most notably the hundreds of other standing stones and stone circles that stretch from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland's west coast to Dartmoor in Devon.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered a smaller prehistoric site a mile away from Britain's famous circle of standing stones at Stonehenge.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered Stonehenge's little sister - just a mile away from the famous circle of standing stones.
When astrophysicist Adam Blake (whose other credits include "Blake's 7") and his teenage son Matthew come to research the standing stones, they discover fascinating and harrowing mysteries hidden in the stones' past.
All the standing stones, floating stones, precious stones, rocks, cliffs, crags, cliff faces, Routeburn tracks, Campsie glens and pebbled paths later - and later in the day - still as ecologically sound and full of love as the floating stones in Whanganui Bay.
5 or larger have occurred along fault zones in the region in the past 10,000 years, but the standing stones suggest that there's an upper limit to the size of those temblors.
The giant ring of standing stones on a windswept plain is our most important prehistoric landmark.
To our ancestors it marked the lowest ebb, and many standing stones and circles are aligned with the sunrise.
During our first trip to Scotland, my wife Lisa and I also found ourselves on the whisky trail, lost in the legends of such heroes as Rob Roy and Sir William Wallace (glorified in Braveheart), exploring such castles as Eileen Donan with the jagged Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye in the distance, and celebrating the summer solstice under the Standing Stones of Calanais on the outer Hebrides Islands.