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tank or pipe for holding water in an elevated position to create pressure in a water supply system. For a tall building, where the pressure from the mains at street level is insufficient to raise the water to the upper floors, water is pumped up to the standpipe and fed by gravity into the system.


A vertical pipe riser with multiple interior connections for fire hoses, terminated at the building facade with a fitting for a fire engine hose; may also have a connection to the main water supply.


A vertical pipe for holding a water supply for fire protection.
A high tank or reservoir for holding water that is used to maintain a uniform pressure in a water-supply system.


standpipe connection
A pipe or tank used for the storage of water, esp. for emergency use.
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Ramotswa legislator had asked the minister why standpipes at Magope were 'never fully operational to meet the demands of the population there.
As well as damaging supplies the standpipe bandits operating the illegal equipment are drawing on water they have not paid for.
Members of the public would be able to take as much water as they needed from the standpipes, but YWA spokesman Percy Gadd asked people to be as economical as possible.
Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said that while it was "most unlikely" that drought-affected areas would see standpipes introduced this year, the heavy rain had not solved the problem - and a wet winter was needed to get things back to normal.
Minnows tend to hold in the top of the water column in your livewell, where the current may push them against the drain or standpipe.
A new Concrete Unit which has conducted more than 350 audits of field and lab work by private concrete-testing laboratories licensed by the Department; requirements for construction and demolition operations, such as mandatory training for all tower crane workers, advanced notification and more detailed drawings for demolition work and increased standpipe inspections.
The summer of 1976 saw Britain gripped by severe drought' many communities were having to use standpipes, fires were breaking out on a daily basis, and over pounds 500 million worth of crops failed.
Clarke said the 6-inch-thick, prestressed steel reinforced tank was built on-site by Natgun of Wakefield and was one of the company's completely leak-free standpipes when it was put into service.
And thousands of homes in Yorkshire and East Anglia had their water supply replaced with communal street standpipes.
Water company bosses are STILL poised to introduce standpipes and mass hosepipe bans.
With hosepipe bans announced in some regions and water companies threatening water meters and standpipes in others, the RHS advises:
Some areas of Kent and Sussex could see standpipes introduced in the streets for the first time since 1976, or supplies cut at certain times of day.