State Vector

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state vector

[′stāt ‚vek·tər]
(computer science)
(control systems)
A column vector whose components are the state variables of a system.
(quantum mechanics)
A vector in Hilbert space which corresponds to the state of a quantum-mechanical system.

State Vector


a quantity that plays the same role in quantum theory as does the wave function. The square of the absolute value (modulus) of a state vector indicates the probability of the state.

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Time update calculates the estimations of the state vectors through the prediction of current state vectors and their covariance matrix.
Space vector modulation, for each switching cycle, creates a rotating reference vector approach by switching the two closest active-state and zero state vectors.
The state vectors of DO and observer are associated by the matrix [PHI] [member of] [R.
Second, we apply the lifting technique to the state vectors and output vectors.
9] In case of simple FCM, we have the number of instantaneous state vectors to be the same as the number of resultant vectors, but in the case of NCM the number of instantaneous state vectors is from the set {0,1}, whereas the resultant vectors are from the bigger set {0,1,1}.
As a result, the state vectors of sensor and target will be different from those in a strict elliptical orbit [15].
t-1] are state vectors in which the elements correspond to the weights of the components of the phenomenon, at moments t and t-1.
While the particle filters in the chosen planes estimate the state vectors, the particle filter in the other remained plane awaits for the selection.
So, between the state vectors from the heads of the element k, [{q}.
We suggest a new interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, in which the system state vectors are identified with q-instants--new elements of reality that are similar to time instants but can be overlapped with each other.

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