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The book analyzes Reagan's rhetoric through three case studies: a speech where he mentions states' rights at the 1980 Neshoba County (MS) Fair, his rhetoric about Vietnam, and his response to the Iran-Contra affair.
Gun opponents normally back federal attempts to limit states' rights when guns are concerned.
Let's start with states' rights, a conservative principle that has been used to justify segregation and all manner of discrimination in this country, and goes back to slavery itself.
Justice Scalia's comment to the states' rights defenders that tips us off that he at least wonders if the trial courts' record contains enough uncontroverted facts and "material [that] sustains your burden".
The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 helped bring to a head many significant issues from slavery and states' rights to the legal status of blacks in America, yet most of these debates have been diluted to mere paragraphs over history.
A noteworthy exception to the Supreme Court's early deference to states' rights in the immigration field was in Yick Wo v.
Attorney General John Ashcroft in a 1998 interview with Southern Partisan magazine titled "Missouri's Champion of States' Rights and Traditional Southern Values": "Your magazine also helps set the record straight.
The fact that the three original dying plaintiffs had already died compelled the Court to rule on the broad notion of an individual constitutional right that outweighed states' rights to pass laws banning assisted suicide.
Leaders of the so-called States' Rights Home Rule Movement, which is gathering steam in the West, gather crowds of sometimes several hundred in outlying communities in a mode similar to the Sagebrush Rebellion of the 80s.
The Maastricht agreement emphasizes the subsidiarity concept, which is roughly equivalent to the states' rights concept in the United States," he said.
For example, the efforts of some States to tax the pension income of nonresidents generated considerable discussion about the likelihood (and desirability) of federal legislation to preempt the States' rights in this area.
A number of Massachusetts legislators,for example, see the new NRC proposal as a challenge to states' rights, which have already been tested by their governor, Michael Dukakis.