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In such cases, it is typical for these customers to have various mobile job sites and the location aware SAS-5000 alarm and signal processing system protects them by reporting the exact location with static address to the responding police force.
Dogewallet said that they are currently looking at logs and have found thousands of attempts to hack their systems by gaining access to Dogewallet's filesystem and modified its send/receive page to send coins to a static address.
Having a static address is a necessity for such tasks as peering two offices together for free phone calls, or having remote extensions for offsite employees.
By sitting there with a static address, it is more likely that someone can 'find you' and try to drop a Trojan horse onto your machine.
In technology parlance, if you don't have a static address on the global financial network, you will not be allowed to do business in the United States or with a U.
LifeCache SAB animates the user's static address book friends by combining contacts, social networking profiles, presence and location information.
With all of the management features found on 24-port switches but without their cumbersome size or port density, the SMC6709GL2 and SMC6708L2 are well suited to today's diverse applications that move voice, image and data and those with security features that include static address and static VLANs.
Other standard features include support for up to 12K MAC addresses, automatic address learning and aging as well as static address support, 802.
Their highly-competitive feature set includes support for up to 16K MAC addresses, software selectable fragment free cut-through or store-and-forward switching mode, automatic address learning and aging as well as static address support, 802.
The AT-3714F brings support for up to 2000 MAC addresses, automatic address learning and static address support, 802.
Planned software features include static address based and policy based QOS, dynamic QOS using RSVP, and RMON traffic monitoring.