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Our brand reflects our mission of re-creating that feeling of pure shopping joy - the moment when you get a true steal.
It isn't likely that thieves who steals aluminum siding will shop regionally for the best price.
They never use stolen credit cards to purchase airline tickets when they fly to a distant location to steal or to pass credit cards.
Rather than draw on his own experiences in The Art of the Steal, the author details the frauds and con routines of others.
Can I now tell the kids it's all right to steal, at least from Bill Gates and Microsoft?
Before Julie's apprehension, two other employees were waiting to see what their employer would do about these thefts, their reasoning being that if another employee could steal and get away with it, so could they.
As fashion's best-kept secret and with coveted designer brands ranging from Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada (plus many more) in its closet, Bag Borrow or Steal is full of delightful discoveries.
3 -- 4) The Angels' Chone Figgins, above, steals second base in the eighth inning on Tuesday as Chicago's Tadahito Iguchi can't make the tag.
The mill owner informed the officer that he had stopped doing business with the suspect when the suspect had attempted to steal a log from the mill several months earlier.
While no one would argue against interviewing potential employees to determine job fit, research indicates that a carefully designed and administered "integrity test" is the most reliable and valid to determine who is likely to steal, abuse drugs or alcohol, or display hostile tendencies.
Researchers at Stanford University Medical Center are starting the first placebo-controlled trial of a drug to treat kleptomania, a mental illness characterized by uncontrollable urges to steal.
Saturday July 18 A shed door was forced open and an attempt was made to steal a motorcycle MILNSBRIDGE: Sunday July 12 A pedal cycle was stolen.