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stele, stela

finial to a Greek stele
1. In classical architecture and derivatives, an upright stone, usually a slab, marking a grave.
2. A wall area set aside as a memorial.
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However, I have had the opportunity to study other gaddhegal stelae from Maharashtra and these present interesting details as discussed below.
By Smith's characterization of more than 40 years ago, these stelae are neither objects nor monuments but, according to Wagner, they are perhaps figural.
While the horned figures on the Iberian stelae are clearly anthropomorphic, the images shown on the Near Eastern stelae are not (Figure 1).
According to the stone stelae from the main plazas of Waka', Siyaj K'ak' also visited that city in 378 AD on his way to conquer Tikal.
Certainly, the master masons of Aksum were renowned for their skills, their most spectacular achievements being the giant stelae they erected over royal tombs.
It consists of what experts call "glyph blocks," square or rectangular, that make up the individual units of an inscription, either carved in stone on stelae and buildings, or painted on paper made of the fig tree's inner bark coated with a fine lime plaster.
For example, in the city of Copan, Honduras, two pillars of inscribed stone, stelae 10 and 12, rise out of two chains of hills that bank the extremes on the west and east of the Copan valley.
Quirigua (pronounced kitty-gua), famous for its carved stelae (intricately carved vertical monuments) is a majestic archaeological site that's also great for nature watching.
Later in life he wrote, "Looking at the elegance of a page of Khmer script, at the handsome square Sanskrit, or the Arabic, at stones carved with the mysterious runes of the Anglo-Saxons, at early Greek tablets, the cuneiform stelae of the Sumerians, or at the majestic lettering on some Roman monument, who can fail to find there an immediate sense of the hand that made the letters?
During most of that time, researchers assumed that the images on stelae (carved tablets), temple walls, pottery and other artifacts showed mystical priests or gods primarily concerned with astrology and a complex calendar system.
But crowning all is the Dragon Refuge Cave, which, as it is lined with stelae, is properly called "Guilin Stelae Forest.
The entrance of the museum holds 2nd to 5th century funerary stelae from Kom Abu Billou.