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any brief, rapid system of writing that may be used in transcribing, or recording, the spoken word. Such systems, many having characters based on the letters of the alphabet, were used in ancient times; the shorthand of Tiro, Cicero's amanuensis, was used for
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Does this mean the end of the stenographic reporter?
The iCVNet app for use on Apple iPads enables Official Court Record's stenographic court reporter services to continue to build strong and long-lasting relationships in the courts and legal industry.
Although Byzantine chant has always had a stenographic notational system, it has been performed with an improvisational and interpretative melodic (neumatic) realization including ornamentation, melodic interpretation, rhythms, tunings of modes, dynamics and other expressions.
The manuscripts of this latter period conceal the answer to a much-disputed problem concerning the development of Byzantine music up to Chrysanthos' reform: the ways that neumes denoting melodic formulas have been gradually replaced by their analysis in diastematic neumes, a process known as the stenographic theory.
2) a stenographic, mechanical, electronic, or other recording or a transcription of it, which substantially is a verbatim recital of an oral statement made by the witness to an agent of the government and recorded contemporaneously with the making of such an oral statement; or
At least two numerals--both sixes--as well as a variety of quasi-calligraphic marks constitute additional semiotic layers populating the canvas (this is even more notable in related works, such as Stenographic Figure, ca.
His lectures and surprising experiments are philosophical, mathematical, optical, magnetical, electrical, physical, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, perotic, hydrostatic, stenographic, pollengestic and caprimandic arts.
George Arnold, defendant : in an action for slander in the Court of King's Bench, April term, 1823 (reported from stenographic notes by William S.
Collectively they put the lie to Ramadan's pretensions--echoed by a raft of gullible intellectuals and journalists who act as his collective stenographic pool--to being an agent of elucidation and harmonization.
Since we can't count on truth in advertising, the job of fact-checking--not just stenographic reporting of what candidates and public officials say--is increasingly important
The foregoing measure is futile unless a verbatim stenographic report is preserved of each trial.