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any brief, rapid system of writing that may be used in transcribing, or recording, the spoken word. Such systems, many having characters based on the letters of the alphabet, were used in ancient times; the shorthand of Tiro, Cicero's amanuensis, was used for
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According to police, the deceased Akshay, who was pursuing stenography course from a private institute, was attacked with a sharp edged weapon by his neighbour Suraj ( 21), and sustained wounds in his chest.
Daniele Metilli, a student of digital humanities, along with Giula Accetta, his colleague who knew both the French language and contemporary Italian stenography, managed to unmask the script correctly as a system of shorthand invented by Jean Coulon de Thevenot in the late 1700's.
The book consists of five chapters, it studies history of stenography, and a preface of stenography in Kurdish language and its rules and symbols of the frequently used words in Kurdish, the last chapter is exercise on the use of stenography.
By equipping the young women of Birmingham with the skills of typing, shorthand and stenography, Marie had helped to transform the way the city did business.
Fisk on Syria and Stenography "Journalism" (Democracy Now
Court reporters use a series of complex letter combinations from a limited keyboard on stenography machines to record everything that takes place in a court case.
There was a technological dimension to the emergence of the deposition, in the development and widespread use of stenography in legal proceedings.
Although Kittler does not make this connection himself, the strong link of the vampire's desire for human blood and relations between established media and new media are evident in his description of how Dracula deals with new writing and documenting technologies of the turn of the century like stenography, the typewriter and the phonograph, as well as the telephone and the telewriter.
At age 14, moved by the comment that any sound could be written with Pitman stenography, she pondered--why not write drum sounds?
If you are giving equal weight to truth and nonsense, you really are in the stenography business.
Martha's plan to take stenography and typing courses at the YWCA, to get a job in the business world, bespoke an aspiration for respectability at odds with Frank's gambling and ambition to be a "high-class racketeer" and proprietor of a speakeasy.