stepped ramp

stepped ramp, ramped steps

A series of ramps which are interconnected by steps.
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SIGHTS: Red fiber optic front, brass midbead on stepped ramp (drilled and tapped for rail mount)
3m above ground (equivalent to being on the roof of a three-storey structure), where a helter-skelter-like stepped ramp performs a 270[degrees] anticlockwise leap.
The sectioned model was then cured using a stepped ramp and soak procedure provided by Vantico with the patties.
Each section of pipe, with an average length of just over 12 meters, is delivered to the stepped ramp in the correct sequence and welded together into strings of four to six pipes weighing up to 130 tons.
Beneath this mechanism, down a stately stepped ramp, the firm's drawings and models are displayed in parallel slots of space.
From it rises the building's most exciting spatial move - a long dog-leg stepped ramp which gently takes you up to the top-lit corridor and simultaneously engages with the street.
There is a wing off to the right (containing showers and lavatories and, beyond that, steam rooms), but attention is focused ahead onto the surface of the water, at the play of light, and the slowly descending stepped ramp down which every able body must proceed.
Through the great open arch of the main entrance on the west it is related to the Plaza, and by means of a stepped ramp on the opposite east side it is connected to the gardens being planned for the area outside that runs up to the Roman wall.
Designer Mike Britton has built two stepped ramps down from the stage into the audience.
The building exploits the drama of this interlocked matrix of mass and light as stepped ramps zigzag through the atrium, revealing the sheer concrete wall and the great tottering stack of galleries.

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