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The encapsulation process involves putting the placenta on ice in a cooler box as soon as possible after a woman has given birth, transporting it to a sterile area, cleaning it, checking it for abnormalities and then cutting it into fine slices with a sharp knife.
A further space-saving feature is the optional air-treatment system, which can be installed outside the sterile area.
Apart from a designated sterile area following security screening, one cold-room position and two additional cool rooms, there are additional special rooms, namely for perishables, dangerous goods, valuables and live animals, enabling AIRTRANS to handle all types of air cargo without exceptions.
Ysbyty Gwynedd's Enlli ward is a sterile area traditionally used for people needing orthopaedic surgery.
2) Procedure Planning with organization of the material required for the insertion of aseptic catheter: two pairs of sterile gloves; sterile gauze; iodine antiseptic or soap with chlorhexidine; waste bags; urethral catheter according to the patient and the indication for catheterization; syringe with 7 or 8 cc of distilled water; anesthetic soluble lubricant; cc syringe 3 or 4 (optional); container for urine; closed equipment for drainage; sterile area (optional); fastening adhesive strips (optional).
Then a sterile area will be created outside the Carling Stand to facilitate the movement of visiting supporters.
Insp Bridgewater continued: "Officers were given clear instruction to keep a sterile area, they would have been using verbal commands and force to keep that area clear, preserve the Queen's peace and keep the groups apart to prevent a large public disorder.
airports be required to establish service animal relief areas inside the sterile area of each airport concourse--to provide reasonable accommodation for passengers with disabilities.
Remember, there are some things you can't take into the sterile area.
When a person is scrubbed for surgery: Sterile area is considered from fingertips to elbows, circumferentially & 2 inches above elbows and from scrubbed person's chest to horizontal surface of draped table / draped pt.
Inspectors said they found insects within 10 feet of a supposedly sterile area where drugs were manufactured.
The Times of India quoted a senior executive from the state-owned airline as saying: "Unruly passenger troubles are not unusual, but flyers entering the cockpit - which is a sterile area - is unacceptable.