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You give 'm me ten stick tobacco," he added after due pause to let the information sink in.
And he left five years ago--the date is on the stick.
His stick was gone, so he began ripping out chunks of crumbling rock and throwing them in at me.
You'd better stick by the sled," his partner protested.
After marking the spot indicated by the end of the stick which was placed nearest to the quicksand, I determined to pursue the search for the chain on a plan of my own.
Whosoever takes up the stick will be thrashed by the stick.
No one seems to like the offer, and the umpire is just coming down, when a queer old hat, something like a doctor of divinity's shovel, is chucked on to the stage and an elderly, quiet man steps out, who has been watching the play, saying he should like to cross a stick wi' the prodigalish young chap.
He was still silent but began at once to erect a heap of dry sticks which he presently set afire.
Utterson had already quailed at the name of Hyde; but when the stick was laid before him, he could doubt no longer; broken and battered as it was, he recognized it for one that he had himself presented many years before to Henry Jekyll.
The beaver now being completely "up to trap," approaches them cautiously, and springs them ingeniously with a stick.
Same thing, only there was a whole lot of him left for me to bury, because he'd prepared only half a stick.
And he made a rush at me, with his stick lifted, and after him came the headman, grunting with rage.

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