sticker machine

sticker machine, sticker molder

A machine for shaping moldings.
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He began importing the Canadian sticker machine, establishing his own route into Osaka.
A few years into the relationship Yamabe told Tannura that he had five or six sticker machines collecting dust in storage.
She will also be on the side of thousands of Crayola boxes for a soon- to-be released sticker machine.
One female student was seen joyfully declaring, ''Oh, this picture shows my skin beautifully'' at the corner of an amusement arcade where a photo sticker machine was installed.
Shigeo Nakajima, chief engineer of Hitachi Software, said, ''It is all right if a girl thinks pictures taken by the picture sticker machine are beautiful.
Photo sticker machines first took off in 1996 with high school girls and other young women taking photographs of themselves and swapping the photos -- the size of a business card -- with friends.
The lighting fixtures in picture sticker machines are said to be on a par with those used by professional photographers in their studios.
On the processing line is the sticker machine, which puts a label on each piece of fruit.
In 2006, she started operating and maintaining sticker machines.