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1. Brit the official in charge of a train
2. Sport an article of light tough material worn to protect any of various parts of the body
3. Basketball
a. the position of the two players in a team who play furthest from the basket
b. a player in this position
4. the posture of defence or readiness in fencing, boxing, cricket, etc.
5. take guard Cricket (of a batsman) to choose a position in front of the wicket to receive the bowling, esp by requesting the umpire to indicate his position relative to the stumps
6. give guard Cricket (of an umpire) to indicate such a position to a batsman



an armed detachment appointed to protect and defend military objectives or to render military honors.

In the Soviet armed forces there are garrison (camp) and interior (ship) guards and honor guards. Garrison and interior guards are composed of the commander of the guard, who may be an officer or a sergeant, depending on the importance of the object and the number of posts; privates of the guard, their number depending on the number of posts and shifts; and if necesssary a deputy commander and corporals of the guard. For the protection and defense of the military objects, sentries are assigned—armed soldiers (privates of the guard) directly in charge of the protection and defense of the posts entrusted to them.

Honor guards are appointed for the welcome at the garrison of the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the generalissimo of the Soviet Union, the minister of defense of the USSR, marshals of the Soviet Union, and admirals of the Fleet of the Soviet Union. Moreover, an honor guard may also be assigned to banners carried at formal sessions, the unveiling of state monuments, the welcome and escorting of representatives of foreign states, and the funerals of servicemen and of civilians who have rendered special services to the state. An honor guard is composed of infantry units from platoon to company level and a band. An honor guard may also be composed only of officers and sergeants.



A shield or other fixture designed to protect against injury.
(mining engineering)
A support in front of a roll train to guide the bar into the groove.


1. In functional programming, a Boolean expression attached to a function definition specifying when (for what arguments) that definition is appropriate.

2. In (parallel) logic programming, a Boolean expression which is used to select a clause from several alternative matching clauses.

See Guarded Horn Clauses.

3. In parallel languages, a Boolean expression which specifies when an message may be sent or received.
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Not only is the Nelson statue in the Bull Ring being reunited with the railings that formerly protected it, but the city has also managed to retrieve two cannons that formerly stood guard over a monument of the naval hero.
Part of the street, near the town centre, was cordoned off and police stood guard outside the house.
Mr Firmager, 70, asked a nearby shopkeeper to call police while he stood guard outside the door.
As the jurors were individually polled on their verdict, Poynton nodded and said, ``Good, good,'' as four bailiffs stood guard.
The pounds 13,000-a-year guardsman, who has stood guard at Buckingham Palace, said: "By day I'm standing in my bearskin hat and tunic, at night I'm on the door of a nightclub in my leather jacket.
FOR seven centuries, a castle has stood guard over the town of Inverness, defying everything that man and nature could throw at it.
One boy stood guard while another held the victim's arms above her head.
A LOYAL dog stood guard over his dead owner until a neighbour discovered the man's body days later.
Two men in balaclavas ran into the bank while another stood guard outside with a sawn-off shotgun.
Across the Santa Clarita Valley, north of Castaic, a line of firefighters stood guard protecting the remote Paradise Ranch mobile home park from a second fire.
POLICE stood guard at a Scottish roadside yesterday as more than pounds 1million in banknotes was transferred from a crashed security van.
A Sex beast lured a teenage British tourist to his home and repeatedly raped her while his snarling doberman dog stood guard.