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A stool pigeon is a criminal who gives the police information about other criminals.
Of all of these, the most personally heartbreaking for me is the way King Hedley II's newspaper-collecting crackpot, Stool Pigeon, reveals halfway through the play that he is, in fact, Seven Guitars's Canewell--a man cast aside by the woman he loves when his best friend returns from jail.
Because, unlike stool pigeons, I've yet to see one shamelessly pocking the badge.
Next on the bill is larger than life, Latin inspired star Kid Creole and the Coconuts whose impressive hits include Annie I'm not your Daddy, Stool Pigeon and I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby.
He must decide whether to assume the young man is a stool pigeon or not -- effectively whether he must kill him, lest he foil the escape, or invite him to escape with him.
Forbidden insults have included coward, guttersnipe, hooligan, rat, stool pigeon, swine, and traitor.
In the prologue, we meet Stool Pigeon, who in his late sixties has become a kind of neighborhood historian attempting to preserve fading community memories.
Police believe the pigeon was meant to represent a stool pigeon - a term for a grass or snitch.
In the 80s, Kid Creole and the Coconuts had a series of hit singles, such as Stool Pigeon and There's Something Wrong In Paradise.
Stool Pigeon begins the play, setting the tone: "The people wandering all over the place.
For our part, having reported this story, the Indications stool pigeon will now be seeking the safety of the federal witness protection program.
The luckless spy spent most of the war in prisons and internment camps eking out a living as a stool pigeon.