Storage Cell

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storage cell

[′stȯr·ij ‚sel]
(computer science)
An elementary (logically indivisible) unit of storage; the storage cell can contain one bit, character, byte, digit (or sometimes word) of data.
An electrolytic cell for generating electric energy, in which the cell after being discharged may be restored to a charged condition by sending a current through it in a direction opposite to that of the discharging current. Also known as secondary cell.

Storage Cell


a set of storage elements of a digital computer’s storage device or a segment of a storage device’s storage medium, for example, a section of the surface of a magnetic tape or a string of ferrite cores. A storage cell is used to store information, either one machine word or a portion of a machine word.

The total number of storage cells in a storage device determines the device’s storage capacity. Each storage cell is assigned an address in the form of a binary code. The address is used to locate or store required information.

A storage cell is characterized by a length, that is, by the number of binary digits, or bits, that can be stored in the cell at the same time. In first-generation digital computers, which were built in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the length of a storage cell corresponded to one machine word. In present-generation digital computers, which were built in the 1970’s, storage is used more efficiently by making the length of a storage cell equal to eight bits, or one byte. A byte may be eight binary digits or characters, two decimal digits, or two hexadecimal (base 16) digits.

Registers of digital computers, patchboards on control consoles of analog computers, and similar devices are also used as storage cells.


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A PF is a small file and its storage cells have consecutive numbers, so a repetition means not only the locations return but also the storage cell counts return.
Retrieving a bit of data from one of the chip's storage cells takes about 80 billionths of a second.
5 mbar), and compressed into a storage cell at a typical pressure of 100 kPa.
He or she now has the ability to place a thin rechargeable storage cell in the same package as the IC for which it is intended to be used--this is in essence, another IC within the system.
The current from a storage cell tends to decrease slowly as the discharge proceeds, and is affected by changes of the temperature of the cell.
The division of charges in two portions of one storage cell is not unique to AMD, though.
A demonstration of a fully integrated MRAM storage cell is expected by year end.
The benefits are: - 50 for the use of a model for a standard sizing HA, -20 for the use of a model for an advanced standard sizing HA, -20 for the use of a model for the realization Advanced sensitivity study HA, -12 for the use of a model for a standard sizing MAVL, -5 for the graphic representation of isotherms, -2 for the graphical representation of the temperature profiles -1 for the realization of A model for HA-1 standard sizing for modeling for dimensional design and HA-1 sensitivity studies for model realization for MAVL -12 standard sizing for the calculation of the time evolution of the Temperature at points of the storage cell for a storage scenario.
The coolSRAM-1T[TM] core memory cell employs a transistor and a structural capacitor to implement the storage cell.
Stik&Stor resolves this issue by quickly and easily adding additional storage capacity via a miniature external storage cell which can be adhered to the user's existing mobile device.
Built with a 90nm process, the 4Gbit flash chip has a compact storage cell that uses assist gates to prevent inter-cell interference.
Consolidation project integration area affected by landslides at km 0 + 720 to Integrated Waste Management Center in Cluj-Napoca developed by SC VIAPONT SRL project to develop storage cell.