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1. (esp of an alcoholic drink) undiluted; neat
2. (of a play, acting style, etc.) straightforward or serious
3. US sold at a fixed unit price irrespective of the quantity sold
4. Boxing (of a blow) delivered with an unbent arm
5. (of the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine) in line, rather than in a V-formation or in some other arrangement
6. a slang word for heterosexual
7. Slang not using narcotics; not addicted
8. Brit a straight part of a racetrack
9. Poker
a. five cards that are in sequence irrespective of suit
b. a hand containing such a sequence
c. (as modifier): a straight flush
10. Slang a cigarette containing only tobacco, without marijuana, etc.

What does it mean when you dream about straightness?

For a dream to somehow emphasize straightness (as in a straight road) can indicate that the dreamer intends—or needs to—get things straightened out in her or her life. Perhaps a situation or a business deal was underhanded or “crooked.”

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It became clear that we could actually, relatively straightforwardly, build some gates on the back side of the Tom Bradley terminal," she said.
A cogently written account that straightforwardly and unabashedly makes its case.
Marriner and the Academy play them straightforwardly, incisively, without a hint of sentimentality or undue exaggeration.
Abe seeks international support in learning the fate of Japan's kidnapped citizens, he should straightforwardly accept responsibility for Japan's own crimes -- and apologize to the victims he has slandered.
The bulk of Staging Race describes straightforwardly major transformations in black culture.
The text tends to treat Bible passages straightforwardly as stories, poetry, proverbs and theological concepts.
My youth gave an inner strength that enables me to deal with problems straightforwardly and not fear intimidation by anyone.
Paterson stated, more straightforwardly, that she had been fired for her political views.
He defines this relatively straightforwardly, 'The bias has been towards those [buildings] that were innovative--stylistically, technically or programmatically--and especially those that significantly affected the course of architecture.
Through a series of exciting episodes, it straightforwardly depicts the quest of various denizens of Middle Earth to wrest a stolen treasure from the dragon, Smaug.
It would also be a good time to straightforwardly address the gritty reality of one's own role in the perpetuation of the deep-rooted problems of America's college-bound youth.
More straightforwardly, he also suggests that witches served a useful answer to the perennial question of how to explain the presence of evil and suffering in a world governed by an all-powerful and good God.