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The contouring of a body to reduce its resistance (drag) to motion through a fluid.

For fluids with relatively low viscosity such as water and air, effects of viscous friction are confined to a thin layer of fluid on the surface termed the boundary layer. Under the influence of an increasing pressure, the flow within the boundary layer tends to reverse and flow in an upstream direction. Viscosity tends to cause the flow to separate from the body surface with consequent formation of a region of swirling or eddy flow (termed the body wake; illus. a). This eddy formation leads to a reduction in the downstream pressure on the body and hence gives rise to a force opposite to the body motion, known as pressure drag. See Wake flow

Flow about bodies in uniform subsonic flowenlarge picture
Flow about bodies in uniform subsonic flow

In general, streamlining in subsonic flow involves the contouring of the body in such a manner that the wake is reduced and hence the pressure drag is reduced. The contouring should provide for gradual deceleration to avoid flow separation, that is, reduced adverse pressure gradients. These considerations lead to the following general rules for subsonic streamlining: The forward portion of the body should be well rounded, and the body should curve back gradually from the forward section to a tapering aftersection with the avoidance of sharp corners along the body surface. These conditions are well illustrated by teardrop shapes (illus. b).

At supersonic speeds the airflow can accommodate sudden changes in direction by being compressed or expanded. Where this change in direction occurs at the nose of the body, a compression wave is created, the strength of which depends upon the magnitude of the change in flow direction. Lowering the body-induced flow angle weakens this compression shock wave. When the flow changes direction again at the midpoint of the body, the air will expand to follow the shape of the body. This change in direction creates expansion waves. At the tail of the body the direction changes again, creating another compression or shock wave. At each of these shock waves, changes in pressure, density, and velocity occur, and in this process energy is lost. This loss results in a retarding force known as wave drag. See Shock wave

Bodies which are streamlined for supersonic speeds are characterized by a sharp nose and small flow deflection angles. Because the intensity of the shock wave and the drag level is dependent upon the magnitude of the change in flow direction, the width or thickness of the body should be minimal. See Boundary-layer flow


(design engineering)
The contouring of a body to reduce its resistance to motion through a fluid.
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