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1. Horse racing the section or sections of a racecourse that are straight, esp the final straight section leading to the finishing line
2. Slang a term of imprisonment


(petroleum engineering)
The increase in length of oil-well casing or tubing when freely suspended in fluid mediums.

patent glazing

A system of glazing which employs any of a variety of commercially available devices for securing the glass sheets without the use of putty.


stretchclick for a larger image
stretchclick for a larger image
i. To increase the capacity of a transport aircraft by adding plugs to the fuselage (e.g., the stretched version of aircraft. Such stretched versions are normally suffixed with the letter S).
ii. To apply tensile strength to a body exceeding its elastic limits.


The code name for IBM's first "supercomputer," the 7030, which was started in 1955 and completed in 1961. The first of eight units was delivered to the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory and was in use for 10 years. STRETCH was IBM's first attempt at building transistorized computers and was designed to "stretch" the speed of its current vacuum tube models by a factor of 100.

The machine was very sophisticated for its time, providing simultaneous execution of business instructions with floating point arithmetic. It was estimated that IBM lost 40 million dollars in developing STRETCH, but that the knowledge gained led to huge profits with its subsequent computers.

The STRETCH was the first of IBM's transistorized computers. Its style of cabinetry and console were used in many subsequent computers by the company. (Image courtesy of IBM.)
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The Global Stretch Film Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the stretch film market and provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure.
Point your toes and stretch your arms above your head.
And if you don't exercise regularly, you may want to stretch a few times a week after a brief warm-up to maintain flexibility.
This study recognized the idea that the stretch may not have been performed at long enough intervals, however, the conclusion drawn was that there was not a worthwhile reduction in lower limb injury due to pre-exercise stretching (Pope et al.
The measurement was repeated three times with a 10 second rest in between, taken only on the right lower limb as participants were instructed to stretch only their right hamstring muscles.
Another reason athletes stretch is because they believe it helps to prevent or treat sore muscles.
However, when you stretch statically can be critical.
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Become disciplined to stretch by adding it to your daily routine or training programme.
The stretch should be felt as a pulling sensation in the muscle and never a pain or strain in the joint or other part of the body that is not being stretched.