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1. Logic maths of a relation
a. applying more narrowly than some other relation often given the same name, as strict inclusion, which holds only between pairs of sets that are distinct, while simple inclusion permits the case in which they are identical
b. distinguished from a relation of the same name that is not the subject of formal study
2. Botany rare very straight, narrow, and upright


A function f is strict in an argument if

f bottom = bottom

(See bottom). In other words, the result depends on the argument so evaluation of an application of the function cannot terminate until evaluation of the argument has terminated.

If the result is only bottom when the argument is bottom then the function is also bottom-unique.

See also strict evaluation, hyperstrict.
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The Parliament strongly believed in the talks and some strictness was only necessary to counter the US congress and excessive demands made by the opposite side, Abuzar Nadimi, first deputy chairman of the Parliament's Economic Commission, told Trend July 20.
There is no strictness for environment and workers safety in the plots we visited," the report said.
Yet, despite the strictness of the regime, the long hours and low pay, they were happy times, said Maud, originally of Stokesley, who left after three years to marry policeman Larry Snowdon.
Her 63-year reign, ending in 1901, is a byword for manners and strictness but the document, written when she was 12, shows a princess who could break the rules.
Thus, Al-Sisi's appeal as a strongman attracts many Egyptians, including sideliners who are willing to comply with this type of strictness eventually.
Hassouna said the protection of citizens and pharmacists can be attained through the application of laws and laying the foundation for "a healthy drug vision that can secure free treatment for the poor while showing strictness on the quality of medicine.
Tess, 15 TRY to remember that your parents only have your best interests at heart, though I understand that their strictness could sometimes feel suffocating to you.
Also, contrast the FA's strictness in these matters with the Premier League's decision.
The action has been taken as part of the strictness of the government against absenteeism in the vital health department.
All attending will be searched before entering into the site, with the same level of strictness as the recent Phoenix Park shows.
Often, golf rules are guided by an unfriendly obsession with strictness.
the strictness of our household (which only relates to behaviour and manners by the way.