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1. an act of forward movement by an animal, completed when the legs have returned to their initial relative positions
2. Rowing the distance covered between strokes
3. Jazz a piano style characterized by single bass notes on the first and third beats and chords on the second and fourth


(Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information, Denial, Elevation) An acronym for remembering six areas of risk in technology. For an excellent example of applying STRIDE to Web applications, visit the keepers of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) at

Spoofing Identities
A user should not be able to assume the identity of, or mask the attributes of, someone else. Using a public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital signatures is a way of preventing spoofing.

Tampering With Data
The integrity of data should be preserved at all times. Encryption, independent verification and input, process and output validation are some of the tools that can be used.

Repudiate a Transaction
A valid transaction should not be subject to rejection. Good audit trails and signing a message with date and time are examples of preventative methods.

Information Disclosure
Information should not fall into unauthorized hands. Data loss prevention (DLP) techniques are used to strengthen corporate confidentiality. See DLP.

Denial of Service
A server or an application should not be vulnerable to being put out of service. Redundant and/or backup systems are datacenter architectures that can be used.

Elevation of Privilege
An unauthorized user should not be allowed administrator rights. Refusing to share passwords or tokens can reduce this risk. See access control.
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Some guys may stride across the office with their copy of The Sun stashed under their arm for the entire world to see that they're off to the bogs.
His characters stride across the pages trying to deal with any number of predicaments, including murders, house fires, asthma attacks, rampaging rats, and a stranger-than-fiction Christmas dinner staged by a mobster trying to court community goodwill.
We are particularly excited about Interop this year because Vitesse has hit its stride across all product lines in delivering continued technology leadership in our Ethernet, Networking and Storage groups, allowing our customers to leverage performance, power, integration, reliability and price to drive advancement and value in their products," said Chris Gardner, acting CEO, Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.
Henry Russell Douglas would stride across the desks while he thought about what to write, chanting the articles.