strip footing

strap footing, strip footing

A continuous foundation in which all loads occur in a straight line.
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Comparison of bearing capacity of a strip footing on sand with geocell and with planar forms of geotextile reinforcement".
The storage shed will be built straight off a concrete slab of the same plan dimensions that already exists on the site, however the workshop will need to be built on new foundations and it is proposed these be of a reinforced pad and strip footing design.
The method is applied to a case of a strip footing on the soil stratum problem.
The sandstone dressed ashlar wall is to be built off a concrete strip footing, and the wall coursing is to follow the slope of the road, as the existing boundary wall.
The houses without street houses are founded on strip footings and reinforced concrete floor.
Columns were cast in situ on strip footings to minimise their impact on the densely wooded site.
50 m on site existing strip footings outdoors, designed according to the requirements of the DIN VDE 0100 Part 560 and DIN VDE 0100 part 718 .
Local weaknesses in ground conditions were overcome by inserting new stepped strip footings to reduce bearing pressures, or by using cators to beam over soft spots.
Installation of new 16 span by 7 1" rise by 66 long open bottom multi-plate arch culvert with strip footings.
The planned construction project will be created by means of strip footings on Deep foundations.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of a new type of screw jacks kutruffa 16 x 15 t along with the implementation of strip footings on track no.
Foundations are shallow reinforced concrete strip footings and walls.