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(invertebrate zoology)
Asexual reproduction by segmentation of the body into zooids, proglottids, or separate individuals.



(1) A type of asexual reproduction in some invertebrates whereby daughter individuals are successively separated by transverse division from a parental body. The classical example of strobilation is the division of ephyrae (scyphozoan larvae) from a scyphistoma.

(2) The process by which the body of tapeworms is divided into similar segments (proglottids). The chain of segments is called a strobila.

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The 4 cases reported in Shanghai were diagnosed at the National Institute for Parasitic Diseases, Shanghai, on the basis of morphologic features of passed strobila.
foliolisque maioribus, foliolis latioribus, strobila mascula magniore, a
Diphyllobothriasis nihonkaiense was diagnosed by morphologic appearance and taxonomic characteristics of the strobila (body of the mature tapeworm) passed in feces of a person who had a history of eating salmon or a habit of eating sushi or sashimi, which are normally composed of sea fish, often salmon.