stud bolt

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stud, 2
stud, 1
1. An upright post or support, esp. one of a series of vertical structural members which act as the supporting elements in a wall or partition.
2. A cylindrical rod of moderate length, threaded on one or both ends or throughout its entire length.
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Additionally, with our high-value products like high tonnage cylinders, powered pumps, hydraulic wrenches, stud bolt tensioners and hydrotest pumps many clients simply cannot justify the high capital outlay to purchase, especially in cases where their needs for the product are relatively short term or even simply for a one off job," says Thompson .
Greater accuracy is achieved with ultrasonic measurement of stud bolt strain during the torquing operation.
Tenders are invited for Special Stud Bolt Cam Shaft Coupling To Dlw Pt.
Other items such as hydraulic stud bolt tensioners, hydrotest pumps, crimpers and cutter tools will be added to the stock shortly.
Industrial Holdings operates three groups: the Energy Group which remanufactures and sells high pressure valves, pumps and other related products to the petrochemical, chemical and petroleum refining industries, the pipeline transportation and storage industries and energy industry; the Stud Bolt and Gasket Group which manufactures and distributes stud bolts, nuts, gaskets, hoses, fittings and other products primarily to the petrochemical, chemical and oil and gas industries; and the Heavy Fabrication Group which manufactures and distributes medium and thick-walled pressure vessels, wind towers, gas turbine casings, heat exchangers, wind towers, heat panels and other large machined weldments.
Sales for the Stud Bolt and Gasket Group increased $0.
Tenders are invited for Stainless Steel Stud Bolt Size 10X35x30 Mm Confirming To Rdso Spec.
As a result, the Stud Bolt and Gasket Group has been
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Stud Bolt M36 X 140 Matl: A 193 Gr.