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stun gun,

hand-held electronic device that produces a high-voltage pulse that can immobilize a person for several minutes with no permanent damage in most cases. It is powered by ordinary batteries, which supply power to a circuit containing transformers, oscillators, capacitors, and electrodes. In some versions the electrodes are connected to the gun by wires and may be shot at a person. The transformers increase the voltage in the circuit to between 20,000 and 150,000 V and reduce the current proportionally. The oscillators fluctuate the current to produce a specific pulse frequency, and the current charges the capacitors. Connecting the electrodes to a person's body releases high-voltage electrical energy at a frequency pattern designed to interfere with the neurological impulses that travel through the human body to control voluntary muscle movement. The use of stun guns has been associated with death in some cases, typically when the person on whom the gun was used on has taken drugs or has a pre-existing heart condition; the use of device multiple times also appears to be a factor. The degree to which the stun gun may have contributed to the deaths is unclear, but studies with pigs have shown that repeated shocks can cause heart stress and a test of some of the devices showed that a few delivered more current than expected.
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Police also recovered five stun guns disguised as torches.
He was caught with the stun gun, which is disguised to look like a torch, when police raided a property two days after he took the mobile phone images.
The report, written by Central Connecticut State University analysts who reviewed the data, said it was difficult to draw conclusions from the information because it was the first data to be collected and many police departments appeared to underreport their stun gun use.
In 2015, a 26-year-old man was arrested by West Midlands Police after he was spotted with a powerful stun gun disguised as an iPhone in a Coventry park.
Mr Thompson, the National Police Chiefs' Council lead for criminal use of firearms, went on: "Of all reported firearms offences, electrical stun guns are used in a very small number of cases.
Stun guns vary in voltage and size, but there is little national data on fatalities resulting from consumer use of stun guns.
There's also a pink version, which looks like a traditional stun gun marketed specifically to women.
What would have happened if the stun guns had fallen out?
Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners' Action League of Massachusetts, insists stun guns should be eligible for Second Amendment protection.
Massachusetts is among only five states that ban stun guns and Tasers for private citizens, said Eugene Volokh, a constitutional law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who has written extensively about Second Amendment issues.
However during the search three stun guns were found.