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a state of unconsciousness



a condition of immobility and mutism; a symptom in some mental illnesses. The patient does not react to his surroundings or to pain, refuses to answer questions or to eat, and remains fixed in one position. Stupor is generally associated with catatonía; less frequently it is associated with depression or other mental disorders.

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The use of endoscopy has been uneffective in patients admitted to stupor and moderate coma.
If only he was around today to grab the reins of the American auto industry--the "Arsenal of Democracy" that fueled the Allies' victory--and shake it out of its self-defeating stupor.
Developed by Napa's Balzac Communications, the Not In My Backyard (or NIMBY) campaign takes a humorous approach to education, rather than boring the public into an apathetic stupor with ultra-serious pamphlets and public service announcements.
It is now almost impossible to sit in any licensed premises without being surrounded in the snug by sixth-formers who possess neither social grace nor sense, drinking themselves into a stupor.
It gorged itself, often on dishes it invented (steamed oysters, say), and it famously liked drinking itself into a stupor (at one time, on the gin rickeys it invented).
She refuses to acknowledge its existence and usually drags Eddie somewhere hot and exotic to drink themselves into a stupor.
Closer to our own time, novelist and futurist Aldous Huxley foresaw a "brave new world" where religious and moral restraints have been completely abandoned, in which the masses are kept in a permanent stupor with recreational drugs, carnal pleasures, and mindless entertainment.
If this is all that is documented in the DIG summary, this case will code to DRG 29: traumatic stupor and coma, age >1 7, coma < 1 hour, with no complications or co-morbidities.
If anyone had a motive, I figured in my post-traumatic stupor, it had to be Gary Condit.
His daughter and adoring son scarcely recognize him as he drags around their house in a stupor, and his wife, Leah, is at the end of her emotional rope.
Unless we are willing to accept that all Sienese wallowed in a drunken stupor for fifty years, we ought to question such conclusions.
Severe infection may be marked by headache, high fever, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness, paralysis, and rarely, death.