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in medicine, acute localized infection of one or more of the glands of the eyelid, with pain, swelling, and redness of the lid margin, usually caused by a staphylococcus infection. An external sty usually releases its pus and disappears in a day or so. Hot or cold compresses and antibiotic ointments are used to treat sties. Recurring sties are usually due to uncorrected refractive errors, poor general health, or infection elsewhere in the body. If a sty does not disappear in a few days, a physician should be consulted.



(also stye), an acute purulent inflammation of a sebaceous gland at the root of the eyelashes. Sties are caused by a pyogenic, usually staphylococcal, infection. A painful point appears on the margin of the eyelid at the onset of the disease. Reddening and swelling occur, and there is edema of the eyelid and conjunctiva. A yellowish abscess forms two to four days later, and, when lanced, it discharges pus. A sty is often accompanied by headache and fever. Recurrences are common. Squeezing pus from a sty may cause complications, for example, phlegmon of the orbit and meningitis.

A similar clinical picture is produced by meibomianitis—inflammation of the meibomian glands. In this condition, the inflammation develops less acutely. Treatment includes the use of dry heat, ultrahigh frequency, yellow mercury ointment, and soluble sulfacetamide solution.




, sty
inflammation of a sebaceous gland of the eyelid, usually caused by bacteria
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If the stye is accompanied by blepharitis, your doctor may also prescribe an ointment to clear it up.
If warm compresses and antibacterial ointments from your chemist don't work and the stye is still present after two to three months, I would suggest making an appointment with your GP," says Claire.
A Styes are painful, swollen inflammations of the eyelash follicle caused by an infection, so it's important to avoid touching the affected eye too much as you may spread the infection to your other eye.
Most Staphylococcus infections are limited to the body surfaces such as boils, furuncles, styes, impetigo, and other superficial skin infections in humans (Figure 3-71).
In June an old wall on the estate was taken down, leaving the "negros pig styes without protection so they will have to sell them or have them stolen it is imeterial [sic] to us which.
A teabag of chamomile is often applied directly to the eyes to help relieve eye irritation and to pull out styes.
Several kinds of bacterial infections occur in people with diabetes, including styes, boils, or infections of the hair follicles.
Eyelash styes usually disappear of their own accord but an eyelid infection can be more stubborn.
Despite their unattractive appearance, styes rarely cause any long-term problems.
FOR the past two years I have had a series of painful styes on my eye-lids.
The outbuildings are made up of a store/tack room, former stable, fuel store and pig styes.