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A species which may appear more abundant at particular times of the year than the true dominant in a climax; for example, in a savannah trees and shrubs are more conspicuous than the grasses, which are the true dominants.



in music, one of the three harmonic functions; also, the chord situated a fifth below the tonic and indicated by S. The basis of the subdominant chord is the fourth degree of a scale, which is itself called the subdominant. Chords based on the second and sixth degrees also have subdominant functions. The subdominant gravitates more to the tonic than does the dominant because it contains the tonic’s basic tone. The alternation of subdominants and dominants most clearly defines a scale’s gravitation. The tonality of a tonic’s subdominant is called the subdominant key.

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We present a result concerning the case that the subdominant singular value is strictly less than 1.
The harmonic pattern was based on western harmonic form of the tonic, subdominant, and dominant chord with an extensive application of syncopation rhythm.
Minor capsid protein of human genital papillomaviruses contains subdominant, cross-neutralizing epitopes.
The brown suborder is dominant and red is subdominant, which is the reverse of the frequency of records in the Australian Classification database (Isbell et al.
In the full chord of her life, music may have been the subdominant, but the cadence would remain incomplete without it.
Among the scale degrees, triads built on the tonic (designated I), the fifth note above the tonic (called the Dominant and designated V), and on the fifth note below the tonic (called the Subdominant and designated IV) are major triads, and the dominance of the fifth scale step above and below the fundamental note is equal to the dominance of the fifth overtone in the acoustic complex of musical sound in nature.
The vegetation patterns are dominated by Typha dominguensis (tule); in addition to eight subdominant hydrophytes, a total of 24 species was documented.
In particular, in [12, 20, 22], nonoscillatory solutions are classified as subdominant, intermediate or dominant solutions, according to their asymptotic behavior (see below for the definition).
It is these boys' understanding that membership in a racially subdominant group does not always come with privileges in the dominant society that gives Mike and Percy motivation to not become a "statistical" Black male.
tree, the status of the tree as a dominant, subdominant or suppressed
5 cm], sand, and mud) within a patch was categorized by using the dominant (primary=>50%) and subdominant (secondary=>20%) percentages of substratum cover used by Stein et al.