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(building construction)
The rough floor which rests on the floor joists and on which the finished floor is laid. Also known as blind floor; counterfloor.


Structural floor that supports the finish floor, such as a concrete floor or rough wood floor.

subfloor, blind floor, counterfloor

A rough floor, laid on joists, which serves as a base for the finished floor; is used as a working platform during construction, may act as a structural diaphragm to resist lateral stresses.
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Professional dance floors typically involve a sprung subfloor that protects the body from injuries.
Underlayment prevents the floor from clicking on the subfloor as you walk across it and makes it feel a bit softer.
White Lightning Caulks & Sealants has introduced WL2000 Drywall and All-Purpose Adhesive, WL4000 Panel Construction Adhesive, and WL6000 and WL6500 Subfloor Adhesives to simplify the construction process for contractors and DIYers by reducing the number of nails and screws needed for installation and repair.
Oriented strandboard (OSB) manufacturers have developed "enhanced" OSB subfloor products that they claim have improved thickness swell properties.
Because the pieces interlock, the flooring doesn't have to be glued and can be installed over uneven subfloors.
A lot of builders use gypsum products to patch subfloors," says Congoleum's Bob Dempsey.
5150 m 2 , - plaster base for non-load-bearing subfloors approx.
Concrete subfloors must be at least six weeks old, dry and free of powder and flaking.
Made from a renewable resource (the bark of cork oak trees), cork floors can be glued down and/or floated over a variety of subfloors, including wood, concrete slabs, and some existing floors.
based SelecTech Flooring Products, has a proprietary interlocking edge and a flexible, resilient, waterproof base allowing it to be flee-laid directly over problem subfloors with high moisture content, cracks, or irregular surfaces, as well as over most types of existing flooring--including asbestos tile, wood, concrete, VCT, and carpet tile.