subgrade modulus

coefficient of subgrade reaction

The ratio of load per unit area on soil to the corresponding deformation.
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For a single pile, they observed the variation of subgrade modulus with respect to depth and the effect of cyclic loading on deflection.
The ultimate lateral soil resistance and subgrade modulus were investigated and discussed.
If mat footings are recommended, evaluation of soil capacities, including subgrade modulus and an opinion to the anticipated settlement.
backcalculation equations: regression equations have been developed to predict subgrade modulus using the deflection testing data (Newcomb 1987).
Also, in the wet season, subgrade modulus will be lower.
Back calculation process on the uncorrected FWD deflection bowl data is mainly intended to estimate subgrade modulus as is (not corrected), since this value is not significantly influenced by the survey load.
Back calculation process on the corrected FWD deflection bowl data is performed by maintaining the subgrade modulus the same.
bar] = horizontal subgrade modulus of soil given in force/(length)3
Soil spring coefficients are calculated using a soil subgrade modulus of 250 kip/sf/foot of deflection and projecting element areas in both the x and y directions.