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A subset N of a group G which is itself a group relative to the same operation.



in mathematics, a subset of elements of a group that itself forms a group with respect to the group operation. This means that a subgroup that contains the elements a and b will always contain a-1 and ab as well.

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For subgroups of n > 1, we propose the following extension of Kourti and MacGregor (6) to diagnose the variables responsible for driving subgroup dispersion out-of-control:
After treatment with GFS, the serum 5-HT levels in the subgroups of MI, depression, and MI + depression groups significantly increased compared with that in subgroup of control group ( P = 0.
On the other hand, the number of bands in adult snail subgroups was 13, 16, 16 and 17 bands in adult non infected, subgroup Ib (susceptible members and resistant members) and subgroup IIb, respectively.
It divides the group divided into subgroups, each maintain its subgroup using Group Diffie-Hellman (GDH) and links with other subgroups using Tree-based Group Diffie-Hellman (TGDH).
The LTC disclosure subgroup, which has been holding formal meetings for about a year, is supposed review the NAIC's existing long-term care insurance (LTCI) disclosure requirements models, recommend any changes needed to the models, and consider any additional LTCI product disclosure changes that might be needed when an issuer sells a policy, issue a policy or changes policy rates.
Given the variation in children's characteristics within and between IDEA disability categories and the limited research using person-oriented approaches for children with disabilities, we sought to identify and describe subgroups of children with shared profiles of functional ability using data from a nationally representative sample.
In subgroups A1 and B1 1 day after surgery the epithelial cells from the wound edges migrated across the incisional space but did not bridge the incisional space.
Although the Supreme Court has not been presented with a due process claim on behalf of a subgroup articulated as such, subgroups are not total strangers to the law.
Comparing this type of characterization with characterization by orders of normalizers of Sylow subgroups, it seems that characterization by the number of Sylow subgroups is much stronger than characterization by orders of normalizers of Sylow subgroups.
This good prognosis subgroup experienced worse progression free and overall survival after the addition of bevacizumab within the ICON7 translational dataset, in which the 63-gene test was validated.
We observed several differences among the 3 subgroups in the whole-genome phylogeny (Figure 1).
Assume that [pi](H') < [pi](H) for every Hall subgroups H of G satisfying 2 [less than or equal to] [absolute value of [pi](H)].