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A laptop computer that weighs less than four pounds. In order to reduce weight, subnotebooks, also called "Ultrabooks" or "ultralights," often eliminate built-in CD/DVD drives. However, if optical discs are required when traveling, an external drive in the travel bag generally adds more weight than a built-in drive.

The Mini Laptop/Netbook
In the 2007 time frame, subnotebooks called "mini laptops" and "netbooks" made their debut, the latter term coined by Intel for machines that use its Atom processor. Weighing up to three pounds, mini laptops/netbooks have screens from 8 to 10" (see netbook). For features of portable computers, see laptop. See ultrathin laptop, notebook and Ultrabook.

The Trend Setter
In 1998, Sony popularized the subnotebook class with its VAIO (pronounced "vy-o") 505G at three pounds and less than an inch thick. To reduce traveling weight, floppy and CD-ROM drives were external, and a docking station was included. (Image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

Laptop and Netbook
The Acer netbook on the right sports an 8.9" screen compared to 15" on its big brother to the left. Netbooks sacrifice keyboard and screen size for portability.
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The Silicon Sport line also includes backpacks specifically designed for notebook and subnotebook computers.
We developed the new marketing strategy to create broad customer awareness of the Samsung brand of notebooks and subnotebooks and to dramatically enhance our position in the notebook marketplace," said Walter Foley, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Samsung's Information Systems Division.
TM) technology to mobile workforces in construction, site management and property management through Melard's suite of rugged and semi-rugged notebooks and subnotebooks.
Melard Technologies, manufacturer of ruggedized laptops, subnotebooks and handheld computers, today announced that two of its products, the SCOUT2(TM) and SIDEARM(TM), will have starring roles in the upcoming Warner Brothers movie, "Swordfish," with superstars John Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman.
Netbooks, or subnotebooks (sometimes also called mini notebooks or ultraportable) are a rapidly evolving category of small, light and inexpensive laptop computers suited for general computing and accessing web-based application; they are often marketed as "companion devices", that is, to augment a user's other computer access.
Also called mininotebooks or subnotebooks, these are the smallest computers today that have keyboards you can type onto with both hands for quick data entry.
Also called mini-notebooks or subnotebooks, these are the smallest computers today that have keyboards that you can type into with both hands for quick data entry.
Throngs of people crowded into booths to "kick the tires" on these small, ultraportable subnotebooks (see Cyberwise, Techwatch, March 2009 for a quick overview).
Tablet PCs and digital ink will be strong contenders in the niches already occupied by pen-based computers, such as shop floor processing and the vertical solutions pioneered by overnight shippers, but Microsoft and its manufacturing partners are going to have to make some shifts in strategy and technology to see Tablet PCs move into the realm of low-cost laptops and subnotebooks.
Enter the world of subnotebooks, which are so compact they even run on a slimmed-down Windows operating system called CE.
Labeling their Aero family "no compromise" subnotebooks, Compaq designs them with 486 Intel processors, bright backlit screens, beefy batteries, a range of hard disk sizes, an integrated trackball, a PCMCIA slot, plus innovative convenience features.